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Give your creativity some TLC

Welcome to your new global writing community

Whether you’re a professional writer or have only ever written a shopping list – you have come to the write place.​

The Literal Challenge offers you literal challenges.​.. literally!

"A magical mystery tour of topics and challenges - it’s really been inspiring and taken me to places I would otherwise not have even considered to be possible destinations."

We also reward every single writer who completes all our daily writing prompts with love, affection and  an awesome community.

So come on, give your writing some TLC.

Writers' Residencies


Come for 1-12 weeks and work at your own pace.

This residency is hands-off. We give you the space to do what you need to do,

and leave you to it. You will set your goal at the start of your residency, and we will champion you to achieve it by the end.

We teamed up with Isla de Crear, a new and unique art centre in the south of Spain, to offer writers gatherings as well as writing residencies.

Find out more here

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