A Playwright's Dozen


A new challenge for the hardcore playwright

2021 is the year of playwriting, and we have just the challenge for you.

No more 2-page dialogues or 5-minute monologues, this time we are writing 12 full-length plays in 1 year.

Every month you will get a new brief, and have to complete a full-length play before clock strikes midnight on the final day of the month. Each brief will challenge you to write in a different style, with different limitations, ideas and processes. 

As always with our challenges, a financial obligation is not necessary in order to register, but if you do choose to contribute to the pot, we have a different system to manage money distribution.

For every month you complete and deliver, you will be entitled to receive 5% of your initial contribution, which you can collect the following month. That means that if (for example) you complete 5 months, you can ask for 25% of your initial investment in June.

However, if you complete all 12 plays, you will receive a share of the final pot as per our usual T&Cs (i.e. the final pot, minus 25% to help cover our costs).


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