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And that’s a wrap on another 28 Plays Later

And that’s a wrap on another 28 Plays Later, only it wasn’t 28 Plays Later at all. It was 29 Plays Later, so technically, only the second ever 29 Plays Later (how do leaplings not get confused).

It’s always such a mixed emotion moment for us at TLC HQ to close another challenge. As exhausted as we may feel after non-stop work for a few months, we are also so elated to see the statistics and see once again how many new pieces of writing have been added to the world.

Of course none of these pieces of writing are ready and finished, and the writers probably feel that the majority of them should never be seen by anyone, but in between the bad there are always a few gems, and that makes the entire process worth it.

What we love most is the mix of people we have doing our challenges, some people are professional playwrights, and some have never attempted to write anything creative before (let alone a play), but our challenges don’t discriminate and just want everyone to write, write, write!

It can be frustrating at times and exhausting at other times, for us as much as for the writers, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

This year we had 327 people from 26 countries joining us.

We’ve had one person who has done every single 28 Plays Later for the past 6 years, and one person who has done all our last 7 challenges.

It was also lovely to welcome back 27 old faces that took a break for a year or three.

We also had 213 completely new people, which is amazing.

We received 6,553 plays. This means that together with the previous years, 28 Plays Later has created 33,202 plays in six months!!!!!!!! And TLC has created a total of 38,895 pieces of writing in eight months!!!!!!!! (which averages at 4,861 a month... or 159.8 new pieces a day)

And that’s it. Time for a well-needed break (for us and the writers), but we’ll be back soon with our next challenge – Like The Prose – 30 short stories in 30 short days.

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