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And we’re off….!

After all my careful preparation, it’s finally here. I’ve sharpened my pencils, bought new pens in various colours, got a notebook to scribble in and charged up the laptop. Now all I need is inspiration, and there it is, sitting in my inbox, staring at me.

Run with it…

For the last week or so I’ve tried to go on the Forum and FB page to greet people and reassure them that yes, they are bonkers, but no, they’re not alone.

I remember that feeling very well and it’s nice now to be a ‘veteran’ and paddle through the waves of trepidation, fear and excitement, while helping people aboard my life raft and handing them a blanket.

You’ll have to excuse me, my blogging brain is trying to juggle with my playwright brain for space and access to good metaphors, but let me continue anyway...

It’s always nice that TLC ease us in gently, with light briefs.

Just to show you how my mind works, my first play contained only two characters who were on their second date and only ever said two words at a time. It was also only two pages long. Proof that I can take a suggested theme and run with it like stink!

You rock!

I hope you’re all feeling a little better now that you’ve opened that first email and stared at that first blank page… fingers poised over the keyboard… brain humming away.

I hope you’re all feeling the excitement that comes when an idea starts to form and you realise that not only can you do this, but it might be pretty damn good too!

I hope you’re wallowing in the luxury of having submitted, and allowing yourself a small (big?) treat as a reward for doing what not many other people can. You (yes, you) wrote a whole new play in only one day. You rock!

Buckle up

But most of all, I hope you didn’t read the brief, cry a bit, shout at the cat, write into the wee small hours, fall asleep drooling on your keyboard and then forget to submit it… it’s easily done, believe me (sorry Tiddles).

If you did, then I hope you carry on anyway on the Creative Route. I’ve got to know lots of you over the last week or so and I hope we can all share the laughs, annoyances and general bonkerness that comes with completing this challenge… no matter what route you take to get to the finish line.

So to everyone, no matter who you are or where you’re from in the world… remember to keep your arms and legs inside the writing challenge at all times, your exits are here, there and everywhere… we wish you a safe and pleasant journey… buckle up!


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