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Find Your Dust (or) Faith, Trust and Dust…

I was going to write about procrastination but I’ve decided to put that off for another day.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about magic. Not the big stuff like wizards, dragons and epic quests, but the smaller kind of magic, a sprinkle of pixie dust rather than a cauldron full of the stuff. Writing, as Peter Pan might say, takes faith and trust.


Have faith in your ability to write.

Repeat after me, ‘I'm pretty good at this writing lark’. Writing isn’t something just anyone can do well and it takes practice, hard work and, yes, faith.

Faith means having confidence and conviction in ourselves because your words deserve their day in the sun, not just to sit in a drawer and gather dust. Rejection, criticism and setbacks inevitably come to even the greatest of writers but they’re an important part of the process and help us learn and grow. Keep having faith in your abilities and maybe, just maybe, with a big helping of hard work and luck it will all work out one day.


The thought of sending your work out into the big, bad world is a scary one.

What if it’s not funny enough?

What if it’s not interesting enough?

What if it’s just not enough?

Share your work with people you trust and in places you feel safe. Trust the advice of others, but never forget to trust yourself too. Don’t cut, edit or change it so much that you can’t even recognise your own creation anymore. You had that lightbulb idea and it made you laugh/cry/smile/think so trust in your ability to convey that to others through your writing.


But most of all…find your dust.

Not the household dust that collects while you scribble away at your latest opus. Fairy dust. Magic dust.

Writing is a magic carpet of words and a way to escape life, examine it more closely, or even just laugh at it. With great power comes great… enjoyment. Or it should anyway. Sprinkle your magic dust and explore, create and play like you did when you were a child.

And may the faith, trust and pixie dust be with you always.


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